Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Protocols of The Elders of Anti-Zion

Did you know that Zaky Mallah is the least of Q&A's problems, according Labor's Shadow Minister for Israel, Michal Danby MP?

In a vitriolic tirade in this week's edition of the Australian Jewish News, this Zionist fanatic has branded Q&A an "awful program" that has "baited Australia's 120,000 Jews for too long." (Ratbags at Q&A, 10/7/15)

That's right, an awful, Jew-baiting program.

And that's because, he mutters darkly, it is run by nasties with "hardline political agendas, operating in the shadows, to distort the public debate, shifting it in a direction that only the 'enlightened vanguard' like them, appreciate."

Apparently, Q&A is a conspiratorial cabal, a kind of Elders of Anti-Zion, if you will. And here's the proof:

"How often do we see Jews with anti-Israel views being paraded on the program? Usually these unrepresentative types use their ethnicity [???] to bag Israel during flare-ups in the Middle East. They have little or no expertise in Middle East affairs. Miriam Margolyes is a primary example of this phenomenon... Many of these folks would normally be excluded by their inarticulateness, such as the obscure Israeli-born fanatic, Ilan Pappe. Q&A even disinterred British violinist, Nigel Kennedy, whom the BBC censored for making anti-Israel editorials during one of his concerts."

Disinter! Disinter!

Then there's "the infamous Lee Rhiannon, the far-left Greens Senator from NSW."

And then there's...

Oh dear, he's run out of names! Just Margolyes, Pappe, Kennedy and Rhiannon!

Some Jew-baiting conspiracy that was.

Given that a selective memory is de rigueur for your Zionist fanatic, Danby can recall the appearance of only one true believer on the show:

"My mate Austen Tayshus (Sandy Gutman) is the closest I've ever seen to one of the very few mainstream Jewish representatives to have appeared on Q&A." (By ms Jewish representatives, Danby means Zionists.)

So let me jog his memory with the following list of Q&A guests, Zionists all:  

Irving Wallach (former head of the Zionist Youth Council of Australia)

Josh Frydenberg ("I will defend Israel's ability to secure itself against some very hostile neighbours.")

Mark Dreyfus (Palestinian observer status at the UN? NO WAY!)

Greg Sheridan ("Israel still looks good, warts & all.") 

Christopher Pyne ("BDS creates disharmony btw Israelis & Palestinians.")  

Tony Abbott ("We are all Israelis.") 

Julie Bishop ("Which international law has declared settlements illegal?")

Julia Gillard (Palestinian observer status at the UN? NO WAY!)

Kevin Rudd ("Support for Israel is in my DNA.")

To name but a few...

And so, having run out of puff on the ABC's Q&A, he has to pad out his rant with the following reference to SBS:

"Isn't it ironic that it's taken a Coptic Christian like executive director Michael Ebeid for a great network like SBS to have resumed balanced programming in this area?"

And thereby hangs a tale:

For the sad and sorry story of how SBS was caned by the Israel lobby and its parliamentary dupes following the 2011 screening of that superb docu-drama on the 1948 ethnic cleansing of Palestine, The Promise, just click on the relevant label below.

And for the story of how its managing director, Michael Ebeid, was sent to an Israeli re-education camp in 2012 and graduated with flying colours (white & blue to be specific), see my 8/12/12 post Innocents Abroad, under the same label.

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Anonymous said...

Just when I thought that I could not get a genuine belly laugh from the news anymore... along comes Michael Danby. He's way out in front of Austen Tayshus for dead pan humour. [pun intended]