Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What Price Israel?

We live in very strange times:

"Obama hammered the same no-deal point in a series of interviews this week, telling The New York Times: 'Our ability to sustain sanctions was not on the cards. Keep in mind that it's not just Iran that paid a price for sanctions. China, Japan, South Korea, India - pretty much any oil importer that had previously [imported] from Iran - found themselves in a situation where it was costing billions of dollars to sustain these sanctions." (Nuclear fusion, Paul McGeough, Sydney Morning Herald, 18/7/15)

IOW, pandering to Israel's obsession with Iran was costing the world billions of dollars. Amazing!

"On Friday, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon confirmed the nation expects significant 'compensation' from the US in the form of a major new arms package after the Iran nuclear deal. Today, officials confirmed that they are mulling an 'unprecedented' package for Israel." (US preparing 'unprecedented' new arms package to Israel for Iran deal, Jason Ditz, news.antiwar.com, 19/7/15)

Unprecedented? You want unprecedented? I'll give you bloody unprecedented: never before, in the annals of history, has a vassal state led a superpower by the nose. Unbelievable!   

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Anonymous said...

Israel should be compensating Iran and the rest of the world for distorting the oil market for years. Just the calculations on the opportunity cost would be billions. And some people duck the Israel as war criminal issue by pretending that it is nothing to do with themselves. Self delusion is never a good look.