Friday, July 24, 2015

Pardon My French

The Australian Labor Party conference is now in full swing and, according to this week's Australian Jewish News, frontbencher Tony Burke "is expected to propose a resolution stating that if 'there is no progress to a two-state solution, and Israel continues to build and expand settlements, a future Labor government will consult like-minded nations towards recognition of the Palestinian state'." (Labor Party set to debate Palestine recognition, 24/7/15)

Will consult like-minded nations?

That's it? That's the whole f*****g enchilada?

You have got to be f*****g joking?!!!

Here it is 2015, and we've had almost 100 f*****g years of Zionist predation in Palestine. Jesus Christ, there's barely any of it left in Palestinian hands!

Most Palestinians are still living in exile, warehoused now for 67 f*****g years.

And most of the rest have been living under military occupation for nigh on 48 f*****g years.

One lot are even bombed mercilessly every few f*****g years just to show them who's boss.

But consulting with like-minded nations is the best Labor can come up with?!!!

And even that's going too f*****g far for the hardcore Zionist fanatics in the Labor cult:

"Meanwhile, a leading group within the ALP - comprising Melbourne Ports MP Michael Danby; Mike Kelly, foreign affairs adviser to Shorten; shadow-attorney general Mark Dreyfus; shadow defence minister Stephen Conroy; and former NSW Labor Council secretary Michael Easson - is believed to be working on a formula to minimise a proposed change of direction by the ALP on Palestinian statehood." (ibid)


Vacy said...

Agree- f*****g outrageous, pathetic, shameful, gutless. Neglecting its responsibility under international law, as signatory to UN Charter, to uphold Palestine's political and human rights, the LIBLABS are drenched in Palestinian blood.

Robbo said...

Dreyfus is our Rep.. Parachuted in at the expense of a really good Lady in Ann Corcoran. I guess she didn't toe the "Lobby" line.