Thursday, July 2, 2015

Getting Them While They're Young

The Israel lobby is not going to take the new Palestine-friendly Bob Carr or NSW Labor leader Luke Foley's new directive* on rambamming lying down:

"The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies has announced its new Berger Fellowship program designed to strengthen ties between the Jewish community and future political leaders. The 2015 program is for up-and-coming Labor Party members and has the support of the General Secretary of the NSW ALP.**

"The program has been developed to enable participants to:

*act as a vehicle for the Jewish community and Labor Party
*attend major Jewish community events
*provide advice on events of mutual interest

"The program culminates in a week-long study tour of Israel.

"Participants for the 2015 program are Darren Rodrigo - Office of Bill Shorten. Dave Latham, State Organiser, NSW Labor, Edward McDougall, Senior Advisor, Office of Steve Kamper [MP for Rockdale] and Trent Murray, Co-Convenor Australian Rainbow Labor." (New NSW program for up and coming politicians,, 30/6/15)

These guys don't miss a trick...

[*See my 1/5/15 post My Solution to NSW Labor's Rambamming problem;**Jamie Clements]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lobbyists; [shouting] Step right up, step right up...all you "up and coming politicians". Are you all ready now, start the show.

Who wants to "act as a vehicle for the Jewish community IN the Labor Party? [APPLAUSE]

Ok now cut the applause please or we will all be killed in the rush for the free tickets!

What a rush? What a delight? [the up and comers run to the stage].

Phew, and that was only the rehearsal !! Next time the cameras will be rolling.

IF there was an Independent Media the question would be: has this 'vehicle' business become part of the job description for up and coming politicians these days?