Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Callow Youth

Zionists propagandists, of course, have a vested interest in misrepresenting the Palestinian struggle against Zionist colonisation and apartheid. However, ignoramuses with no vested interest whatever in misrepresenting it may also do their bit, albeit unconsciously, to peddle misrepresentations of the subject.

Ignoramuses such as BROOKLYN-based, prize-winning Indian novelist Karan Mahajan (32), for example, talking about his novel The Association of Small Bombs on Radio National's Books & Arts Program yesterday morning:

"I would use the word irrationality because when I researched terrorism and... got really deep into the history of terrorism, starting with Tsarist Russia all the way through the PLO and Palestine to the present day, you see that there's this battle ongoing between Western rationality and/in (?) science and between the kind of irrationality and religion, and I wanted to show the ways in which the irrational impulses of terrorism, and bombing in a way is a strange irrational event, it's a huge act of violence which seems kind of meaningless when it happens."

Where does one even begin to unpick such knotted, incoherent nonsense?

Is 'terrorism' a stand-alone subject which can be researched independently of its political and historical context? Who wrote the books and/or papers he read for his book? Could they perhaps have had an agenda? What then was their agenda? Did he have the wit to notice it anyway? What does he know, if anything, about the PLO and Palestine? (Rhetorical question.) Does he really think Israel vs Palestine reduces to science vs religion? And if, as I KNOW, he knows BUGGER ALL on the subject, what right has he got to utter such foolishness? Has he never heard of armed resistance to oppression, occupation and colonisation? Has he never heard of state terrorism? Does he know who pioneered terrorism in the Middle East? (Interesting how he has zip to say about Zionist terrorism and can only invoke the PLO.) And what is he on about with this 'Western rationality' shit? What's that all about? (Surely, he doesn't think that British colonialism was the best thing that ever happened to India?!) Etc, etc.

Sometimes, you find yourself wishing you'd never even turned on the bloody radio.


Grappler said...

I was led by this piece to seek the precise story of the words of another Indian and got to this article which is interesting in its own right:


Gandhi's answer, as we all know, was: "I think it would be a good idea."

Vacy said...

The zionist agenda is shared by ABC books and arts and ABC in h general..... I noticed Sarah whats-her-name was proIsrael in her interview with Assaf Gavron, Israeli author of The Hilltop, a so-called comic novel about an illegal colonial outpost.. she couldn't gush enough. http://www.palestinematters.com/articles/review-the-hilltop-a-comic-zionist-lie

Grappler said...

William Blum:


has some interesting quotable statements on terrorism:


I particularly like: "A terrorist is someone who has a bomb, but doesn't have an air force."

Grappler said...

As to turning on the radio, for more than 40 years I thought that the ABC through Radio National was the best listening or indeed viewing in Australia. I have now given up. I will not listen to their propaganda - in their news and current affairs, in Philip Adams LNL, in their Books and Arts program, in their religion programs with Rachael Kohn, with the voice that makes me want to vomit, and in their reports from Israel.

MERC said...

So true, ABC and SBS are mere shadows of their former selves, virtually indistinguishable from the commercials: "SBS is facing a backlash over a programming deal with US cable channel Viceland which will see the public broadcaster rebrand a multichannel with a blend of edgy content aimed at young men." (SBS 'has lost its reason to exist', Darren Davidson, The Australian, 5/10/16) The mind boggles!