Monday, October 31, 2016

Welcome to 'Rebel-Friendly' Syria

According to the WaPo and their "rebel" sources, the lads with the guns and the beards are rollicking freedom fighters warmly embraced by the Syrian people:

"Syrian and Russian aircraft have laid waste to civilian infrastructure in Idlib and just about every other rebel-friendly area of the country, according to rebels, activists, monitoring groups, aid organisations and human rights groups." (Air strikes hit school, say observers, Hugh Naylor, Washington Press/Sydney Morning Herald, 28/11/16)

But wait, what's this?

"The UN envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura... said 275,000 civilians... were 'hostages' to these fighters' presence... " (Follow me out: UN envoy urges jihadists, The Times/The Australian, 8/10/16)

Sooo confusing!

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Grappler said...

Slightly off topic, MERC. I'm down to the fingers of one hand to count the remaining worthwhile journalists. I mentioned John Pilger yesterday. Here is Patrick Cockburn. I've linked to - about which I have some misgivings but at least its racist bloggers are honest in their racism - because I refuse to link to the Independent any more.

I agree with Cockburn: a Kurdish state would be just like a Jewish state - exclusive, racist, and brutal - the antithesis of what Australians believe about Australia and yet ....