Sunday, October 9, 2016

From Jerusalem to Blue Poles

Remember rambammed (2009), self-confessed "strong supporter of Israel" (which he has described as "a beacon of democracy in a sea of despotism"), IPA nipper (28), and newbie Liberal senator James Paterson advocating in his maiden speech that Australia "formally recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital... and move our embassy there"? (See my 19/3/16 post Stirring Times in the Senate.)

Just to show you he's not a one-trick pony, and worth every cent of the $199,040 p.a. we're paying him, here's the laddie's latest 'bright' idea:

"When you've got a $40 billion budget deficit, every item of spending needs to be scrutinised more closely,' [James Paterson] said. 'Let's fight that battle once I've got Blue Poles privatised - uh, sold." (Sell Blue Poles & end public funding for sport and the arts, says Liberal senator James Paterson, Michael Koziol, The Age, 8/10/16)

One really shouldn't be surprised. If Jerusalem's not off limits for this drongo, nothing is.


Grappler said...

Ending funding for sports? Is he mad? This is Australia we're discussing.This is the country that invested around $35 for every person living in Australia in trying to buy Olympic medals in Rio. Contrast the UK which spent around $20 and even that was a lot. Has he lived here? Does he know the Australian obsession with sport? Does he know that his state, Victoria, has two (yes two) public holidays because of sporting events?

As to goverment debt. In Australia it currently stands at about 37% of GDP. In the Pork Pie - oops Start Up - Nation it stands at nearly 65% of GDP. And that's after mammoth payments and sweetheart deals from the US.

Anonymous said...

Simply shocking that we are paying this sellout bastard 200k + perks.

MERC said...

I noted number 62 on the IPA's DO list - End all public subsidies to sport and the arts - but nowhere any foreign policy DOs/DON'Ts. Maybe Roskam, Paterson & Co could draw up another fp list. You know, drone this, bomb that.