Sunday, October 30, 2016

Blairats in the Ranks

Note this fine editorial in the UK's Evening Standard of 27/10/16:

"Yesterday the leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, brought a motion before the Commons to support a UN investigation into the war in Yemen and questioned the sales of British arms to Saudi Arabia, which he claims may be used to bomb civilians. He also criticised the Government's apparent support for Saudi to be admitted to the UN Human Rights Council. His motion was defeated as his MPs didn't back it. But on this, Mr Corbyn was right; his critics wrong. The war in Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East, rivals that in Syria for its catastrophic effect on civilians. Yet Britain, while indignant about Russian actions in Aleppo, is happy to sell arms arms to the Saudi coalition besieging the city of Hodeida, where children are dying of hunger. This is an iniquitous double standard. Mr Corbyn is the conscience of Parliament on Yemen."



Having recently won yet another election as Labour leader against the party's Blairite diehards, Corbyn, the conscience of the British Parliament on many things, now needs to deal with these backstabbing Blairats in the ranks.

As for his Australian equivalent (in name only I hasten to add), Bill Shorten wouldn't even be able to find Yemen on an unmarked map of the Middle East if his life depended on it. No problem finding his way to Israel though.

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Grappler said...

Article on New Matilda on Australian double standards on Yemen - what's new!

From a comment by William Collins to the article:

"Where to start with Australia and it's mercenary traditions? We were a British satrapy and are now an American satrapy. Australians may have made up 10% of foreign forces in the Rhodesia conflict ended in 1980. We've been everywhere, man! Australia, it's politicians and its mercenaries are occupying first and second place in the world's oldest professions."

Incidentally there's a new article on war and propaganda at New Matilda by that great Australian, John Pilger - one of the few real journalists left in the West.