Sunday, October 2, 2016

What a Croc(k)!

That old Zionist crocodile, Shimon Peres, could sure cry a river over the Palestinians when it suited him:

"It is hard to separate the miserable plight of the Palestinian refugees from the claim to the 'right of return.' For the first generation of refugees, the experience of being a refugee and the culture that grew up around it served as a basis for the consciousness of exile from the land of their birth - the loss of the country, house, lands, landscapes familiar from childhood, and family graves - alongside the hope of returning to their homes. The second and third generations have inherited this experience, a powerful emotive load that grows ever stronger amid crushing poverty and degrading conditions in the refugee camps. The claim to the 'right of return' has to be seen against this complex historical background." (The New Middle East, Shimon Peres, 1993, p 189)

Then, just as all and sundry (ie, politicians, journalists and the like) are sucked in by these tears, those cruel jaws snap shut:

"However, it is a maximal claim; if accepted, it would wipe out the national character of the State of Israel, making the Jewish majority into a minority. Consequently, there is no chance it will be accepted, either now or in the future."

Don't be fooled by Zionists' crocodile tears. Its the snap of their jaws you've got to concentrate on.


Grappler said...

What is this "complex historical background"? That's just baloney. The Zionists came and persuaded and coerced the British and the US to allow them to steal a country from its inhabitants. The rest of the "complex historical background" is a bunch of Zionist myths.

1. "We were promised it by our God" but most of them were secular. My God promised me Brunei but I don't think I'm going to get anywhere with that.

2. "Our ancestors lived there" - the truth of that is debatable, but my ancestors lived in Scandinavia (more recently than the Zionists claim that their ancestors lived in Palestine). Does that give me the right to take over Sweden or Norway? In any case what about the Canaanites? Surely they have a prior claim?

3. "It was never a country" - It was recognized as a state by the League of Nations, being held in trust by the British.

4. "No-one is living there." Then who did the Zionists expel?

What irritates me most is that the continue to lie about what they did!

Sorry MERC for the rant but this kind of crap makes me angry!

MERC said...


Grappler said...

When I wrote it I was thinking that my point 3. required some justification but I was lazy, and then right on cue, talknic over on MW repeated his oft repeated answer to one of the hasbarists (this time jon s) who never seem to get the lesson - I wonder why. Here's the wonderful talknic's comment almost in its entirety.

jon s: “In the period 1922-1948 Palestine was administerd by the British as a League of Nations mandate, so I don’t think that it can be referred to as a “state”- bi national or otherwise – in that period.”

talknic: You’ve been shown what the LoN Covenant and the Mandate for Palestine say several times, yet you continue to bullsh*t. You say you’re a teacher. One might be forgiven surely of thinking you teach bullsh*t or that you bullsh*t about being a teacher, because you display the intellect of an imbecile.

1) The State of Palestine’s ‘recognition’ was conditional. Recognition is entirely dependent on something 1st existing. Example: Israel existed before it was recognized.
A) See the Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States “The political existence of the state is independent of recognition by the other states.” link to )
B) See the Lon Covenant

LoN Covenant 1919
ARTICLE 22. link to

To those colonies and territories which as a consequence of the late war have ceased to be under the sovereignty of the States which formerly governed them and which are inhabited by peoples not yet able to stand by themselves under the strenuous conditions of the modern world, there should be applied the principle that the well-being and development of such peoples form a sacred trust of civilisation and that securities for the performance of this trust should be embodied in this Covenant. (later adopted into the UN Charter as Chapt XI)

Certain communities formerly belonging to the Turkish Empire have reached a stage of development where their existence as independent nations can be provisionally recognized subject to the rendering of administrative advice and assistance by a Mandatory until such time as they are able to stand alone. The wishes of these communities must be a principal consideration in the selection of the Mandatory.

Other peoples, especially those of Central Africa …

I don’t believe Palestine was in Central Africa

LoN Mandate for Palestine ART. 7.
The Administration of Palestine shall be responsible for enacting a nationality law. There shall be included in this law provisions framed so as to facilitate the acquisition of Palestinian citizenship by Jews who take up their permanent residence in Palestine.
link to

The Nationality Law was adopted in 1925. Palestine was a Nation State when it was partitioned by default of Israel unilaterally proclaiming itself independent of Palestine, effective 00:01 May 15th 1948 (ME time) link to

MERC said...

Points well taken.

The LoN Article 22 ("[the Palestinian Arabs] existence as [an] independent nation can be provisionally recognised subject to the rendering of administrative advice & assistance by a Mandatory...") has an interesting back story.

It was largely drawn up by South Africa's (!) pro-Zionist General Jan Smuts, and was the legal vehicle for the handing over of Palestine to the tender mercies of the author of the Balfour Declaration, 'Great' Britain. Once recognised as the League's 'Mandatory' in Palestine, the British-Zionist cabal who had drafted the Declaration then shoe-horned it into the text of the Mandate for Palestine (causing one British govt dissenter, Lord Curzon, to rail that the text was "reeling under the fumes of Zionism"). This manouevre allowed Britain from then on to flood Palestine with European Jewish immigrants and deny the majority Palestinian Arabs basic democracy in the interests of the Jewish minority.

Not bad for someone whose job description is supposed to be merely "the rendering of administrative advice and assistance"!