Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Fairfax's Puff Piece on Mark Regev

Fairfax hit a new low on the weekend with the publication of a full-page promo by Latika Bourke in The Sun-Herald (22/7/18) on Australia's second worst export after Rupert Murdoch, Mark Regev.

To say that not one hard question was asked and pursued is to misconstrue the nature of the piece.  The Aussie boy who's at home spruiking for Israel wanted only the words 'Advertisement Only'.


Grappler said...

Any reader who still has an ounce of respect for that slimy bastard Regev should go to the interviews of him by Jon Snow on youtube. It is a sign of the state of mind of Israeli leaders that they believe him to be a good choice as Israeli Ambassador to the UK.

Anonymous said...

What did Lord Northcliffe say about 'news'?