Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Taking Down of Jeremy Corbyn

"Jeremy Corbyn has this week been the victim of a crazed, unhinged assault by the agents of the powerful. A frenzied attack to destroy him for fear that he might win. The proximate method is the exploitation of deep-seated Jewish fear. Literally, summoning up the demons of Nazism against Britain's finest anti-fascist. It doesn't get much more serious than that for all concerned. And when I say the agents of the powerful I mean from left to right. From the liberal to the far-right. I mean from the Guardian and Channel 4 News right across the spectrum. All guns blazing, all trained on one man. A man without a scintilla of racist or anti-Semitic feeling in his body, in his psyche. A man whose parents stood at Cable St against fascism and anti-Semitism. He's been attacked by newspapers that were supporting the Nazis at the time. He's been attacked by newspapers that were funding the British Union of Fascists at the time." (George Galloway, The Mother of All Talkshows, 27/7/18)


Grappler said...

"deep seated Jewish fear". Very few constituencies in the UK have enough Jews to seriously affect the vote. I recall a couple in London and perhaps one in Manchester, though demographics have shifted in the last few years with increasing Muslim populations. This is not playing to the Jewish vote. It is playing to "liberals" who regard antisemitism as something akin to paedophilia. Of course, Corbyn is not antisemitic but who needs evidence in the fake MSM? If Zionist Labour MP Margaret Hodge says he's antisemitic that should be enough for the rest of us - right?

Grappler said...

Somewhat off topic, MERC, but a day or so ago the ABC had a report high on the front page saying that the US was about to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities according to senior members of the government, and defence and intelligence services, and that Australian military would have some level of involvement. US Defence Sec Mattis has now said that this is fiction. Here is an item at zerohedge.

Of course, nothing said by a politician should be taken at face value but one might ask what are the political reasons for the leak of information (if it is a leak) and of the denial. If the US attacks Iran in this way expect petrol prices to go way beyond those we are currently paying. Why is no-one talking about the Israel tax?

MERC said...

It seems that most people would rather die than talk about Israel.

David Halpin FRCS said...

To Mrs Hodge MP (peerages are a sham)

I have stood with our Palestinian sisters and brothers for these last 15 years, and longer, starting with the Voyage of the Dove and the Dolphin. My wife and I used money from the sale of a large thatched house for a smaller one and chartered a 66 metre Danish cargo ship. This steamed with 'aid' to Palestine - 1-02-03 to 16-02-03. This was to show our common humanity with a people who have been subject to genocide since before 1948 and more intensely since. It was also a cry against the impending genocidal war on Iraq, in which the paramount psychopath and war criminal Blair, played a central part. That was widely supported, including by a wide swathe of the ''left'' **. (A good index of its humanitarianism and of naivety - 'WMD'.) Incidentally, the SW BBC did not allow me to broadcast our second aim. Our ship, at 10 knots, was overtaken by dozens of war and supply ships. An aggressive 'war' was looming - Nuremberg Protocols..

My life is no more valuable than that of the brave paramedic, 21yr old Razan

nor 13 yr old Yasser The only ME democracy was the agent.

BUT the Zionist entity attempted to drown 16 of us 66 miles off the Palestinian port of Haifa 30-12-08 when one of THREE gunboats rammed our MV Dignity en passage to another HOLOCAUST in Gaza.

Mrs Hodge. You have a privileged position in our horse trading Parliament. You must come to know that 'chosenness' is the last thing our world needs.

Shame on you for your prejudiced attack on a man who has not been ''anti-semitic''. That you can speak of this when your supposed ilk have killed 140 humans and drilled dum dum bullets into thousands shows that you do not have an ounce of 'humanity'.

for truth

David Halpin FRCS

ps ** I see you supported the paramount psychopath

A Downing Street spokesman said he knew nothing of the reported comments. "Margaret Hodge voted for military action in Iraq. Since then, she has always spoken in favour of it. We have a prime minister, a government, that is trying to bring the country together," he said, but added that nobody was disputing "the difficulties there are in Iraq". The Islington Tribune said its editor, Eric Gordon, had taken a shorthand note of the meeting in London, and it had checked the story thoroughly. As noted by the good Mr Gordon of the then Islington Tribune