Monday, July 23, 2018

Israel's Day of Reckoning

"The day will come when Israel's Holocaust credit line with the world will run out. The day will come when the leaders of Judeo-Israeli colonialism will be put on trial. The day will come when those who today show shrinking tolerance toward us because of Auschwitz on the one hand, our war and intelligence industry on the other, and because of our relative whiteness on another, will become fed up. [...] The format doesn't matter. In the Hague, in an international forum that will be set up just for us, or maybe even in our country. The day will come when not only Israeli officials and military officials will be put on trial, but also jurists, military and civilian judges, architects and planners, everyone who enabled and enables the fashioning of this land into a penthouse for Jews and a basement - divided into separate cells - for Palestinians. May these words advance that day, even if only by a minute." - Amira Hass, Israel's Holocaust credit line is running out,, 18/6/18)

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Anonymous said...

I'm starting to lose hope that anything will change. Amira is optimistic.....but who knows, maybe she will be proven right. One thing is for sure, we wouldn't be on the brink of world war three without the complicity of many.