Tuesday, July 3, 2018

More Palestinian Martyrs

News of Israel's murderous assaults on Palestinian protesters in Gaza may have vanished from the msm, but they nevertheless continue. Thank God for websites such as Electronic Intifada:

"Israeli forces killed two Palestinians, including a child, in the occupied Gaza Strip on Friday... Yasir Amjad Musa Abu al-Naja - only 12, according to the rights group Al Mezan - and Muhammad Fawzi Muhammad al-Hamayda, 24, died after being shot in the head and stomach, respectively, in two separate incidents in southern Gaza. The pair were killed during the 14th consecutive week of the Great March of Return protests along Gaza's eastern perimeter. Abu al-Naja was the second Palestinian child slain by Israeli forces in Gaza this week. Abd al-Fatah Abu Azoum, 17, was slain after being targeted by tank fire early Thursday. Israel has killed around 150 Palestinians in Gaza so far this year, including more than 20 children... Two-thirds of Gaza's population of two million, who have lived under severe Israeli blockade for 11 years, are refugees from lands inside what is now called Israel." (Boy among two killed by Israeli fire in Gaza, Maureen Clare Murphy, electronicintifada.net, 29/6/18)

As George Galloway recently tweeted in relation to the death of Yasir Amjad Musa Abu al-Naja:

"Israel is now murdering children as if for sport. Blowing their heads off (I will spare you the picture of today's child although his parents didn't have that luxury). How can ANYBODY be a 'Friend' of this, let alone a #Labour MP?"

Ditto for Australia's parliamentary 'friends of Israel', whether federal or state, Liberal or Labor.

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