Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Barry's Fake Ban

"O'Farrell government ministers have have been slapped with a travel ban - of sorts. The Premier has ruled there should be no more trips for longer than one week, meaning lengthy (and expensive) ministerial sojourns to the Americas and Europe can quickly become 'death marches' according to one weary government source. Mr O'Farrell also believes NSW should be focusing on Asia, rather than either Europe or the US - the traditional spot for holidaying ministers." (MPs' wings clipped, Sunday Telegraph, 11/11/12)

Right, just one week, ladies and gents, and it's gotta be Asia, OK? Unless, of course, you're going to Israel.

That's always a different matter. If it's Israel, you can stay longer, as Peter Phelps MLC, NSW Government Whip, and Jonathan O'Dea, MP for Davidson, did when on their highly productive visit* there from 11-21 July this year.

And, of course, Barry's already pencilled in a mass multi-party junket there for January next year, claiming "there's much to learn from each other."**

[*Phelps, for example, tweeted revelation after revelation, such as: "The Arabs I was having lunch with seem quite contented" and "Just peered into Gaza - now I know how Frodo felt when he first gazed upon Mordor." See my 20/8/12 post Frodos Gaze Upon Mordor; **See my 12/6/12 post Goings On in the NSW Knesset.]

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