Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pollies in Love-In

Speaking of Australian pollies in love, here we go again*:

"Bitter rivals Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott will call a momentary truce and join a high-powered parliamentary delegation to London next month for talks about Australia's links with Israel and Britain. The cross-party talkfest [sic: love-in], Australia-UK-Israel Leadership Dialogue, organised by the Melbourne businessman Albert Dadon, will include political, business and media delegates from the three countries... The leadership dialogue originally began in 2009 with Australian and Israeli participants, with Julia Gillard the most prominent delegate when she was deputy prime minister. The meeting was expanded to include Britain and in January was held in Jerusalem. It is one of a growing number of private diplomacy 'leadership' initiatives on the Australian calendar, that relate to countries including the US, Canada and New Zealand." (Rudd & Abbott join talks on Israeli links, Daniel Flitton, Sydney Morning Herald, 3/11/12) 

According to Flitton, other Australian lovers of Zion in attendance will be Labor's Michael Danby and Mike Kelly and the Liberal's Christopher Pyne, Kevin Andrews, Kelly O'Dwyer and Josh Frydenberg.

[*See my 13/1/12 post Ain't Love Grand?]

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