Friday, November 30, 2012

Pro-Israel Deadenders in Federal Labor

You might like to know just which Labor politicians, apart from ministers Stephen Conroy and Bill Shorten (see my 28/11/12 post The Powerlessness of One), supported Prime Minister Julia Gillard in advocating a NO vote for Palestine's application for observer status at the UN. I'm not sure whether the list is complete or not, so will add names if and when I become aware of them:

Michael Danby, MP for Melbourne Ports (VIC)
Mark Dreyfus, MP for Isaacs (VIC), Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change & Energy Efficiency
David Feeney, Victorian Senator, Parliamentary Secretary for Defence
Don Farrell, South Australian Senator, Parliamentary Secretary for Sustainability & Urban Water
Bernie Ripoli, MP for Oxley (QLD), Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer

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