Monday, November 5, 2012

Little Aussie Digger

Not even The Chaser guys could have dreamt this one up.

The following advertisement, complete with photograph, appeared in the October 28-November 3 The Sunday Telegraph TV Guide:

Celebrating a proud Australian tradition, it's the...


By Master Doll Artist Bonnie Chyle

Supersoft RealTouch vinyl skin

Hand-painted to perfection

This little man knows exactly what he wants to be when he grows up: a soldier in the army just like his dad and granddad before him. It's a proud family tradition and he's ready to do his bit. At the salute, meet the 'Little Aussie Digger' - available only from The Bradford Exchange.

Created by Master Doll Artist Bonnie Chyle, every aspect have been lovingly crafted by hand to reflect each tiny feature of a real baby. Our So Truly Real RealTouch vinyl skin is super-soft to the touch, while hand-applied hair and eyelashes and hand-painted fingers and toes bring 'Little Aussie Digger' to life.

He's dressed for action in camouflage fatigues and boots. He sports his very own slouch hat, an enduring symbol of the Australian Army which his Dad wears with pride. He even has his own dog tags inscribed with a slouch hat and a loving message, 'My Little Aussie Digger', from his Sergeant Major, (well, his Mum, anyway!).

Fall in and reserve your doll now!

Don't miss your chance to welcome this adorable new recruit into your home and heart. He's available only from The Bradford Exchange, for a limited time. Reserve your doll now for the value price of just $199.95, payable in five instalments of just $39.99, plus $19.95 postage and handling. Your satisfaction is assured with our world-famous 365-day money back guarantee. Send no money now. Just complete and mail the coupon today.

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