Wednesday, November 21, 2012

News Ltd's Pro-Palestinian Saboteur Strikes Again

The nameless pro-Palestinian saboteur, who has heroically taken it upon himself to subvert the dominant 'Israel First' paradigm that rules the roost at Murdoch's News Ltd, has struck again, this time in the pages of yesterday's Daily Telegraph.

His handiwork was clearly evident in the graphic which accompanied Simple Simon Benson's latest advertisement for SUFFERING Israel:

LIFE GOES ON AS THE ROCKETS RAIN DOWN shouted the banner headline superimposed on a photograph of a Palestinian rocket emerging from a Gazan city (L) and an Iron Dome rocket emerging from its launcher in Israel (R).

At the bottom of the two photos, blurred together to form one, was a red square and a yellow circle. The red circles contained the words Qassam Rocket, GAZA (L) and Iron Dome, ISRAEL (R). And in the yellow circles: 800+ Missiles launched from Gaza (L) and 85% Interception success rate (R). 

In keeping with the Left/Right juxtaposition, below this graphic, were block descriptions of how a Qassam and an Iron Dome work.

Accompanying the Qassam half, however, was a photograph.

A mean, nasty, smirking Qassam rocket? No way! A mean, nasty, smirking Qassam launch squad? Not on your nelly!

No - three Palestinian guys with - wait for it - slingshots! No kidding!

And the saboteur's bleeding obvious message? If truth be told, compared to Israel's bloated, US-supplied arsenals of shells, rockets and bombs (containing depleted uranium and who knows what else),  which receive practically no attention from the corporate media, those fearsome 'Palestinian rockets', with which the corporates are currently bombarding us, are little more than slingshots.

Not since our News Ltd saboteur slipped the headline Living under the cloud of Israel's cruel apartheid into the 5 May 2012 emission of The Australian, which caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth at the time, have we seen anything quite like this. (See my posts Consensus at Last... (7/5/12) and Down the Memory Hole (10/5/12).)

Where and when, I wonder, will News Ltd's brave pro-Palestinian saboteur strike next?

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