Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Krudd : Preferred Poster Boy for Pro-Israel Propagandists?

Kevin Rudd may well be a pontificating ponce, but alas there's more to the man than that. 

Journalist Alan Ramsey once called him a "prissy, precious, prick." Now read the following account of Krudd's latest peregrination and tell me if 'pig ignorant' and 'pernicious' shouldn't be added to that list:

"The Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, which supports the boycotts [sic], divestments [sic] and sanctions campaign against Australian businesses with Israeli connections, has 'just got it wrong', Kevin Rudd said yesterday. The former prime minister used a visit to Sydney University, which is home to the centre headed by Jake Lynch, to lash the policy he said was ineffective. 'I think people who engage in that sort of activity around businesses who are associated with the Jewish community frankly have just got it wrong,' he said.... 'Frankly, this is a matter of diplomacy, it's a question of putting proposals on the table which work in bringing about a durable peace settlement as opposed to targeting campaigns against businesses which happen to be owned by members of the Jewish community. I think that's just wrong. We should remember history.'" (Diplomacy better than Israel boycott: Rudd, Rick Morton, The Australian, 17/1/13)

'Pig ignorant' in that he evinces no awareness whatever of the clear difference between Judaism and political Zionism, or between Nazi anti-Semitism in thirties Germany and anti-apartheid BDS activism in 21st century Australia; and 'pernicious' because smearing BDS activists (whether directly or by implication) as Nazis and anti-Semites not only harms those smeared but serves to cheapen the charge of anti-Semitism as well.

Nor is this particular smear a one-off. Krudd was saying the same thing over a hot chocolate with Michael Danby in a Max Brenner outlet back in 2011. (See my 16/7/11 post Wild About Kevin.) Judging by the complete absence in Morton's 'report' of any other reason for his 'visit' to Sydney University, can we not be forgiven for thinking that, in addition to 'pig ignorant' and 'pernicious', 'preferred poster boy for pro-Israel propagandists' should also join that list?

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Mannie De Saxe said...

The Star Observer has joined the propaganda for the zionist cause with an advert on page 2 from the Jewish National Fund and the stick pictures from left to right are in rainbow colours to show the Jews are gay friendly.

In contrast is a documentary film I have just received fro the UK titled "Roadmap to Apartheid" and it is fascinating. As a South African Jew it meant more to me than it would otherwise, but still makes a strong impact.

Krudd was always just that and continues to be so.