Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Fellow True Blue Aussies...

... today, of course, is Australia Day - but are you dressed for the occasion?

Aussie flag baseball cap (reversed, of course) on your head? Tick.

Aussie flag singlet? Tick.

Aussie flag draped around your shoulders. Tick.

Aussie flag daubed on your face. Tick.

Aussie flag thongs? Tick.

Beautiful! You're nearly there, but something's missing, OK?

You know that middle finger which you sometimes use to show love for your fellow Aussies?

As the following stirring words (taken from a glossy brochure slipped into my local paper) indicate, that middle finger is screaming out, especially on a day such as this, for a:

Son of the Southern Cross Ring

*Hand-crafted with sterling silver-plate and hand-applied enamelling

*Authentic reproduction of the original 1854 Eureka Flag Design

*Proudly engraved with the message 'Son of the Southern Cross'

In a world where old values are fast disappearing and the fight for personal rights has never been greater, there is only one symbol a man can rely on - the Eureka Flag. Born out of a struggle for justice and a fair go for all, this true blue warrior defines any man brave enough to take a stand. Now you can show the world your pride with the 'Son of the Southern Cross Ring', a ring as bold as the legend which inspired it.

Rugged, Masculine, Defiant

An authentic recreation of the original 1854 Eureka flag looms large and proud in this exclusive edition. Plated in gleaming sterling silver, the Southern Cross is brought gloriously to life, as it rests in a bed of rich blue enamel, echoing the colours of the original flag. Engraved within the band are the powerful words 'Son of the Southern Cross', identifying the wearer as a true blue Aussie who stands up for what he believes in, whatever the odds.

Not available anywhere else. Act fast.

Commissioned exclusively by The Bradford Exchange, the 'Son of the Southern Cross Ring' will be a much sought after design for any Aussie bloke. And it's excellent value too, payable in 3 easy, interest-free instalments of $49. That's just $147, plus $14.99 postage and handling. To reserve your ring, backed by our world-famous 120-day money back guarantee, send no money now. Just return the coupon today.


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