Thursday, January 31, 2013

Where's Frank?

"Although there has been no official sighting of its owner, Frank Lowy, his 73-metre superyacht Ilona has been moored a few hundred metres off the coast of the Red Sea resort of Eilat. The Ilona is named after Lowy's mother. A BRW rich-list regular, Lowy, is the co-founder of the Westfield group of shopping centres. Born in Czechoslovakia, Lowy made his way to France after World War II, where he managed to board a ship going to Palestine. After the establishment of Israel, he joined the Haganah and then the Golani Brigade. In 1952, aged 22, he left Israel and emigrated to Australia." (Lowy's Red Sea jaunt, The Australian Jewish News, 25/1/13)

Just a minute! The last time Frank came to my attention he was being spun as "one of Australia's greatest refugee success stories." (See my 25/9/12 post The Airbrushing of Frank Lowy.) Yet here he is,  just your common and garden migrant.

I'm so glad that's been cleared up, and by no lesser authority than the AJN too.

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