Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So What Else Is New?

This news really should have come as no surprise:

"Israel and US scientists say the comatose former prime minister Ariel Sharon showed 'significant brain activity' in an MRI scan, responding to pictures of his family 7 years after a stroke left him unconscious." (Sharon: sign of brain activity, AFP/Sydney Morning Herald, 29/1/13)

After all, a book was published on this very subject some years back. What's more, it was dictated by the great, but comatose, man himself to his mate, Dov Weisglass. Published in Israel by Gefen Publishing, it's called Conquering the Void.

Here's the gist:

"Resolute as ever, the Bulldozer reports from his comatose netherworld, as narrated by his trusted advisor and favorite quipster, attorney Dov Weisglass. Predictably, the incapacitated PM finds no Palestinian partner for peace in the indefinite beyond and must carve out the borders of the Jewish Vegetative State unilaterally. Left with no reasonable alternative, he parachutes behind enemy ether and establishes irrevocable Jewish facts in the clouds. When ethereal Arabs reflexively respond with mindless terror, Arik deploys the IDF to break their vaguely formed bones. Of course, Sharon simultaneously works the diplomatic channel, outflanking Arafat by abruptly disengaging from certain peripheral and non-strategic gastric functions. On a lighter note, the indisposed PM playfully recounts his distaste for his free-floating miasmic dust-bunnies, which he describes as 'cowardly and naive.'" (Spring books for fervent Zionists,, 11/4/10)

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Anonymous said...

When I first noticed this article in the SMH my first thought was, how can they tell the difference?