Sunday, January 13, 2013

Where Are the Rockets?

It's around 2 months since Israel embarked on its last killing spree in Gaza, but the propagandists of Zion are still parroting the party line, In the beginning was the rocket:

"Samah Sabawi (Palestinians eye best of a bad bunch, 7/1) writes that Hamas has 'proved itself as a military deterrent with its rockets reaching Tel Aviv.' It was my impression these rockets were the cause of the last war, not its deterrent. By not firing rockets at Israel, Hamas's rivals in the West Bank have been doing a much better job of deterring wars." Justin Said, Coogee, NSW  (The Australian, 8/1/13)

Meanwhile, over in Gaza, another Palestinian dies... for the crime of getting too close to, let alone rattling, the bars of his cage. And not a rocket in sight:

"Israeli soldiers shot dead one Palestinian and wounded another in the northern Gaza Strip on Friday, a spokesman for the territory's emergency services said. The two men, one a 20-year-old farmer, were hit by the fire east of Jabaliya and near the Israeli border, Ashraf al-Qudra said. The military said only that one Palestinian was hit in the leg after trying to damage the barrier separating Gaza from Israel when dozens of people approached and ignored orders from troops to back away, who then opened fire. Friday's fatality would be the third Palestinian killed by Israeli forces since a November 21 truce between the Jewish state and the Islamist group Hamas ended eight days of hostilities between the two sides. Over the course of the battle between Israel and Gaza militants, 177 Palestinians - more than half of them civilians - were killed by Israeli air strikes. Six Israelis - four of them civilians and two soldiers - were killed by rocket and mortar fire from Gaza. Israel maintains a no-go zone on the Gaza side of the border. Since the truce went into effect, it has allowed Palestinians to approach within 300 metres of the frontier, while farmers may move as close to it as 100 metres if they are on foot." (Israeli fire kills Palestinian in Gaza: medics,, 12/1/13)

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