Thursday, November 21, 2013

How Much is Phillip Adams Worth?

"The managing director of the ABC Mark Scott has ordered an investigation into the leaking of how much it pays star news and current affairs personalities and leading administrators... Not all ABC talent was mollified. Phillip Adams, of ABC Radio National's Late Night Live took to Twitter: "Just learned that my fellow b'casters at ABC get paid lots more than me. Despite LNL's enduring success. Naughty management." (More than 8c a day keeps ABC competitors at bay, Damien Murphy, Sydney Morning Herald, 21/11/13)

Phillip's can't be an easy job. I mean, just look at the crap he has to put up with:

"Even your amiable columnist is bombarded by tweets, emails and blogs shrieking obscenities in his direction - a cacophony he finds confusing. (Every day he reads he's simultaneously a puppet of Rupert Murdoch and someone who uses the ABC for Bolshevik bias - while being an apologist for Zionism and the Palestinians, and a virulent anti-Semite.)" (The new Norm, Phillip Adams, The Weekend Australian Magazine, 16/11/13)

An apologist for Zionism and the Palestinians, eh?

Let's subject this one to a little empirical testing shall we?

Here's old amiable Adams getting to the bottom of the latest Beirut bombing with The Guardian's recycled Martin Chulov on November 19's LNL:

Adams: Of course, the knee-jerk response was to blame Israel, wasn't it?
Chulov: That's always the case.

Dumbass Arabs!

Now why would anyone blame the bombing of the Iranian Embassy - Iranian FFS! - on the Middle East's only innocent bystander?

I mean, it's not as if Israel has ever actually invaded Lebanon or occupied it or bombed the crap out of it or anything.

And as for those near-daily overflights of Lebanon, they're not birds, they're not (Israeli) planes... they're... they're... Supermen, right?

To answer my initial question - How much is Phillip Adams worth?

IMO, not a brass razoo.

PS: "Radio presenter Phillip Adams is among those planning to raise the pay discrepancy with 'naughty management'. 'Always accepted the fiction that we were paid much the same,' he told Crikey." ('Your' salaries uncapped, Peter Munro, Sydney Morning Herald, 23/11/13) That's not the only fiction he's fallen for.

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Anonymous said...

It always makes ABC presenters comfortable to pretend that they are attacked by both sides on any issue.

Then they can say, hand on heart, "see, I must be fair and un-biased"

Adams is no exception to the rule.

What a bore.