Tuesday, November 5, 2013

MERC's Believe It or Not

I've never known ABC television's 7.30 Report to be anything other than a Palestine-free zone.

Or, to put it another way, you're more likely to get an interview with a little green man from Mars than a Palestinian on the 7.30 Report, OK?

I guess the only way for a Palestinian to get an audience with Queen Leigh would be if he cleaned up his act and breathed not a word about Palestine.

For example, if he were filthy rich say, or - and this is really stretching it - had a nag in this year's Melbourne Cup. You know, something to make him a real human being just like us.

Well, break my legs and call me shorty! There he was talking to Leigh Sales last night, a Palestinian multi-millionaire, name of Marwan Koukash, and - you're not going to believe this - he's got a frigging horse in the frigging Melbourne Cup!

And not a whisper about Palestine.

Bloody hell, you couldn't make this kind of shit up in a million years.


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Anonymous said...

Don't forget Marwan also owns the Salford Rugby League Football Club in the U.K.

I too was waiting for Leigh Sales to pop the Palestine question, any Palestine question, alas.

Perhaps the A.B.C.really should be sold to the highest bidder, Rupert's News Corporation, that well known American company.

So what.

Who cares?

What's the difference?

Leigh would still have a job,at least until Andrew Bolt was spruced up enough to appear on nightly television.

MERC said...

Good one!