Sunday, November 17, 2013

Zombie Zionism Myth #1

I love this tweet from Charles Frith:

Zombie Zionism Myth #1 Both sides are to blame. No they're not. If I move into your sitting room permanently, we're not both to blame.

Here are two from yours truly:

Israel is a democracy. What, with millions of exiled, disenfranchised Palestinians in refugee camps?

Israel emerged from the Holocaust. Bullshit! Zionists were colonizing Palestine decades before Hitler got going.

Hey, there is a use for tweeting after all!


Anonymous said...

Myth Nr.1b:
"The Land of Israel is an Evangelical Protestant/political Zionist construct to colonize the Middle East" (by whom?)"

MERC said...

Nothing mythical about this at all.

By whom? David Ben Gurion, of course:

"In the west - the Mediterranean Sea... In the north - the Litani River... In the South - the latitude line that passes diagonally from Rafiah to Aqaba - In the east - the Syrian Desert. The eastern border of the Land of Israel should not be precisely demarcated... As the destructive impact of the desert decreases... the Land's eastern borders will be diverted eastward, and the area of the Land of Israel will expand." ('The Land of Israel in the Past and in the Future', 1980, p 46)

Anonymous said...

Nothing mythical about who colonized the "Land", with the help of the big colonial powers, of course, who shortsightedly viewed it as an advantage.
The myth is that the "Land" and the "Jewish people" were invented by the early Christians in an anti-Semitic drive and re-invented by Protestants in the context of "fierce antisemitism" and therefore the Christians are more responsible than the fanatical Jews for the mess.