Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tony the Baptist

A funny thing happened during Tony's speech to the Scopus Foundation on October 14.

At first it was just the usual ringing declarations that Israel was a state like unto no other of the kind we've come to expect from him when buttering up the JC crowd. (See my 13/9/13 post Just How Bright is Tony Abbott.):

"In his first appearance at a Jewish function since being elected Prime Minister, Tony Abbott pledged to 'commit the new Australian Government to stand by the State of Israel', a country he described as a 'bastion of liberal pluralism and democratic freedom in a part of the world where these ideals are almost unknown'... [T]he PM said the Jewish State had been 'founded in defiance, sustained by brilliance, surrounded even now by hostility,' adding 'it is under existential threat the like of which no country on the earth faces'." (PM pledges to stand by Israel, The Australian Jewish News, 15/11/13)

But then a strange thing happened.

A hush descended upon the assembled multitude, who only moments before had been stamping their feet and chanting: Tony! Bibi! Tony! Bibi! For lo, a nimbus of light had formed behind Tony's head. His eyes then closed, as though in trance, and from his lips could be heard those strangely familiar words: 'After me comes a man who ranks before me... I saw the Spirit descend from heaven like a dove, and it remained on him... and I have seen and have borne witness that this is the Son of God,' or words to that effect:

"In lauding the colossal contribution Australian Jews have made to public service, Abbott joked that the only office yet to be held by an Australian Jew was that of prime minister, but that a 'popular' Jewish politician in his ranks could change that in future. 'Along with Israel, Australia is the only country on where Jewish people have been head of state, chief justice and commander in chief of the army. There's just one office in this country yet to be held by a Jewish person. That's the prime ministership. But the time will come, as Josh Frydenberg constantly reminds me, when that will change'." (ibid)

At this, the multitude erupted into cries of Joshiach! Joshiach! Joshiach!, or words to that affect.

Which leads me to ask: Is this not a sign, brethren?

Yes, yes, I'm mindful that a mere sign does not a Messiah make. There must, of course, be others.

And lo, there is. Cop this:

"Josh Frydenberg, the energetic 42-year-old federal MP for the affluent inner-Melbourne electorate of Kooyong, is the first Liberal Jewish member of the House of Representatives...Frydenberg's interests are wide, his intellect is keen, his ambitions unambiguous. So don't be surprised if, before the next federal election, he is elevated to a senior ministry. Indeed, it seems to me that the member for Kooyong is a potential prime minister." (Coalition's rising star from Kooyong champions a modern version of classical liberalism, Ross Fitzgerald, The Australian, 16/11/13)

Watch this space...

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Abbott is a sick man, call the doctor.