Thursday, November 28, 2013

Why So Coy? 1

Why, I wonder, is the J-Wire site so coy about naming these rambammers:

"The journalists who participated in the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies' recent Journalists Mission to Israel will address a public meeting in Sydney next week. The journalists - from the Sydney Morning Herald, Sky News Business, SBS Television World News and Channel Ten News - participated in an intensive week-long study mission. While in Israel they visited the Lebanese border, the Gazan border, West Bank settlements, the Australian Light Horse memorial in Beersheva and a Palestinian refugee camp, were briefed by a range of top-level experts across a broad range of areas and disciplines, and spent time at such iconic addresses as Yad Vashem, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Masada, among a range of other activities... The Board of Deputies Journalists Mission... was conducted in conjunction with AIJAC." (Journos report back,, 27/11/13)

Be that as it may, I shall nevertheless reserve a spot for them on my long list of the rambammed: I've Been to Israel Too (30/3/09).

And while on the subject of rambamming, the following disclosure appeared at the foot of a 'report' (No borders for doctor saving kids, David King, The Australian, 23/11/13) on the patching up of wounded Syrians at Israel's Ziv Medical Centre*:

"David King travelled to Israel on a study tour provided by the Australia-Israel & Jewish Affairs Council."

[*On Ziv Medical Centre, see my 3/9/13 post Our Man in Tel Aviv 2.]


Anonymous said...

Borders? what borders?

A notable feature of the Bandit State is there are NO borders, only cease fire lines.

The Blue Line for Lebanon, the Green Line for the West Bank and the media have just taken it for granted that the cease fire line in the Syrian Golan Heights, seized during the 1967 war of aggression, constitutes an 'International Border'.

What more evidence is needed to constitute blatant media bias?

Proper countries have internationally recognized borders, not cease fire lines masquerading as 'borders'.

Despite the criminal activities of thousands of 'Border Police' there are, repeat, NO BORDERS.

However this simple fact, reinforced by constant repetition, will not make it to the 'journalists' future copy, nor will the error be questioned by the editors.

'Fact checkers'... give me a break.

MERC said...

Telling too, that the most 'iconic' site in the entire place, Jerusalem's Haram ash-Shareef, with its Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa Mosque, is not included. Ominous, actually.

Anonymous said...

Now, it dawned upon me that the Third Temple is already built: Yad Vashem!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the occupied Syrian Golan Heights have now become part of Abbott's Greater Middle East [Bandit State] Co-prosperity Sphere?

Not really occupied?

Wherever the foot is planted belongs to the bandit State, all the rest is 'disputed'.

Don't hold your breath waiting for 'our' media to ask for clarification on this pesky issue now that the West Bank is considered by Australia as really not occupied at all and therefore is not worthy of the protection of the Geneva Conventions.