Friday, January 24, 2014

A Guide to the Fishman Phenomenon

A letter to the Sydney Morning Herald (10/1/14) from one of the BoyZ:

"Congratulations to the Abbott government for using every means at its disposal, including turning back the boats, to stop the illegal entry of foreigners into Australia." George Fishman Vaucluse

How to get your head around the peculiar mindset of this individual?

He's obviously quite-comfortable-here-in-Vaucluse-thank-you, having been sharing his thought bubbleZ with the Herald readership from this address for longer than I can remember. (BTW, Herald letters editors may come and go, but one and all, they cannot get enough of Fishman's inane thought bubbleZ, and the bugger's bound to bulk large in any Herald letters anthology.)

But here's the thing: despite his exclusive Sydney address, as a Zionist, Fishman insists that faraway Palestine, which he calls (the Land of) Israel in line with the dogma of the cult to which he belongs, is his real home because the Big G once said so.

And because Palestine is really his home, the Arabs had no right being there in the first place, had to go don't you know, and must be kept OUT (or down as the case may be) in perpetuity, regardless of whether he chooses to live there or remain 'in exile' in his Vaucluse ghetto.

Typically, members of the Zionist cult such as Fishman find validation for their own brand of exclusion in tough White GoyZ who share their peculiar obsession with keeping people who may be brown and - Heaven forbid! - Muslim OUT.

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