Sunday, January 19, 2014


The next time you read any Israeli propaganda about Israel's Ziv Hospital treating wounded Syrian refugees,* remember Sameeha's mum:

"Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and as the disease progressed she became increasingly worried she was not getting the best care from Gaza's already overstretched medical facilities. She applied for a permit to travel to a hospital in Israel but was rejected. Determined to stay alive for her family, she made her way through one of the hundreds of illegal tunnels then operating between Gaza and Egypt, to seek better treatment in Cairo. 'She crawled all the way from Gaza to Egypt, through a small tunnel, on her hands and knees through the mud,' Sameeha says. 'I remember my brother, who took her through the tunnel, coming back to our house completely covered in mud and I thought, 'What had my mother gone through?'" (Egypt upheaval plunges Gaza into a nightmare of isolation & darkness, Ruth Pollard, Sydney Morning Herald, 18/1/14)

[* See my 3/9/13 post Our Man in Tel Aviv 2.]

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