Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dr Hammer & Dr Kedar...

... coming to a Centre for Peace & Conflict Studies near you.

For the casual reader of The Heart of Darkness (aka The Australian) it must sometimes look as though Israel is Human Rights Central:

"Shurat HaDin alleges two academics, who have joined the case as plaintiffs, have been adversely affected by Professor [Jake] Lynch's policy, even though as yet they have not been the subject of specific actions. Dr Leonard Hammer, of the Hebrew University, a human rights lawyer, and Dr Mordechai Kedar, of Bar Ilan University, an Arabic studies specialist, have regularly lectured overseas, including in Australia, Mr [Andrew] Hamilton told The Australian. 'They both are people who quite realistically may want to be a visiting scholar at [Sydney University's] Centre for Peace & Conflict Studies (CPACS), where Lynch has implemented his boycott,' Mr Hamilton said. 'However, just as a sign on a bar saying 'No Jews or Blacks Allowed' discriminates against and disadvantages all Jews and blacks, even if they didn't even want to go into the bar, so Jake Lynch's BDS academic boycott discriminates and disadvantages all Israeli academics,' he said." (Lynch like 'publican denying blacks, Jews', Ean Higgins, 28/12/13)

Hm... so both Hammer and Kedar "are people who quite realistically may want to be a visiting scholar at CPACS."

Gee... the former's "a human rights lawyer" so he must be a good bloke, sort of an Israeli Julian Burnside I imagine, and the latter's into "Arabic studies" so he'd be favourably disposed towards the Palestinians, right? And... and... Shurat HaDin's a fearless fighter for all those Israelis quivering in fear at the prospect the next terrorist outrage just around the corner, yes?

As if!

Whoops! Shurat HaDin's Andrew Hamilton must have forgotten to tell Ean Higgins that Hammer is "the Academic Director to Shurat HaDin." (Leonard Hammer,

And here's Kedar waxing scholarly on the subject of a Palestinian state: "A Palestinian state with territorial-terrorist contiguity would be an existential threat to Israel, and therefore Israel should assert its right - it can and must say to Obama and Kerry: No!!!" (Sisi:1, Obama:0,, 29/12/13)

You can just imagine these two touching down at Sydney Airport:

Australian Customs: Occupation?
Hammer & Kedar: No, just visiting.


Anonymous said...

What a pathetic display of the absence of professional objectivity these two Zionist lawfarers, posing as potential "visiting scholar(s), exhibit!

How could any court accept that these two defenders of a regime which is guilty of gross human rights abuses qualify as legitimate plaintiffs let alone credible witnesses?

To waste the court's time in this shameless manner by engaging in such a transparent farce deserves the most serious sanction since it risks turning the court into a laughing stock.

Vacy said...

great scratching of the surface MERC to find Hammer and Kader's true colours- the blue and white of Zionism and the red of Palestinian blood