Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Abbott's 'Jakarta Focus' in Focus

Tony Abbott in 2012:

"Sensible countries focus their foreign policy on what's clearly in their national interest. That's why I keep saying that the next Coalition government's foreign policy would have a 'Jakarta focus rather than a Geneva one'. What happens in our region usually matters more to us than what happens elsewhere. What's more, we can usually better influence what's happening in our region... In foreign policy, the first priority of an incoming Coalition government would be to repair the damage done to Australia's relations with our neighbours... East Timor... Indonesia..." (On world stage, Rudd spoke loudly and carried a small stick, Sydney Morning Herald, 23/2/12)

So how's it all going now, Tone?

"Australia had been 'stupid' to allow its navy ships to cross into Indonesian territory, and tension over the incident would delay the process of repairing relations damaged by recent spying revelations, according to a senior Indonesian politician." (Australia 'stupid' on territorial breaches, Indonesian MP says, Michael Bachelard & David Wroe, Sydney Morning Herald, 20/1/14)

"Attorney-General George Brandis has given an extraordinary undertaking not to read highly sensitive documents seized by ASIO agents in a raid on East Timor's lawyer last year. The undertaking comes as Australia attempts to thwart a Timorese bid in the Hague to have the material returned." (Brandis to Hague tribunal: I won't read East Timor files, Tom Allard, Sydney Morning Herald, 21/1/14)

Well done, Tone, George, stay focused and keep up the good work!

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