Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Man's a Genius!

The latest Pearl of Wisdom excreted by Australian PM Tony Abbott in Davos, Switzerland:

"The difficulty in Syria is that, as I famously, perhaps infamously said during the election campaign, it often seems like a struggle that involves baddies versus baddies. Obviously we want to see a more peaceful, more just, more democratic Syria. Obviously we think that the Assad regime has acted in monstrous ways towards its own people. I guess the best way for all of them to demonstrate that at least some of them are goodies is to lay down their arms and to try to ensure that the conflict which is currently devastating that country and its people starts to subside." (All eyes on Tony Abbott as he lays out foreign policy stall in Davos, Katherine Murphy,, 22/1/14)

This bloke's up there with the Dalai Lama.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if Tony Abbot could inquire, while he happens to be in Geneva, if indeed the occupied West Bank of Palestine is in fact occupied?
While he is at it could he also determine the status of the occupied Syrian Golan Heights?

Of course should those vast areas actually be occupied, rather than merely "disputed",as some would foolishly claim, it would be perfectly lawful to seek their 'return'.

There is plenty of help available in Geneva, even for the bewildered and confused. Perhaps he could claim it on Medicare.