Friday, January 24, 2014

From Kevin 07 to Kevin 747

What a miserable pack of entitled flakes and fakes these Australian politicians are.  

Kevin Rudd for one:

"Not even a resounding election defeat could clip the wings of Kevin 747. In his first three months out of office, former prime minister Kevin Rudd went on a jet-lag inducing odyssey of eight foreign capitals, spending 60 days outside Australia. The Mandarin speaker met Chinese officials and delivered speeches in Beijing on four separate, week-long trips in September, October and November. He has flown to New York and London three times, Paris twice and had engagements in Washington, Bahrain, Zurich and Toronto." (Staying active: retiring Rudd keeps up life of a jet-setter, Heath Aston, Sydney Morning Herald, 24/1/14)

Why not Israel? After all wasn't Rudd the bloke who once declared that he had "support for Israel in his DNA"?

Bob Carr for another:

"It reads like the bucket list of a dedicated sightseer. Except Bob Carr managed to tick of some of the world's must-see tourist and cultural destinations in just 19 months as foreign minister. The history buff found time in a hectic schedule of official meetings to visit 67 sites in 30 separate countries." (Top role took Carr on journey of a lifetime, Heath Aston, Sydney Morning Herald, 24/1/14)

What, no Israel? Wasn't he a founding member of NSW Labor Friends of Israel back in the 70s?

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Anonymous said...

How quickly the media forget.

"New database shows US informants were inside Whitlam's ALP"

Sydney Morning Herald, April 9 2013.

[coincidentally the anniversary of the massacre of Palestinians at Deir Yasin in 1948, before the British mandate had expired]

"He [Carr] told the US consulate he felt unable to approach the Jewish community for campaign funds because of 'Whitlams 'unprintable' EVEN HANDED 'unprintable' Arab policy".

It has been a race to the bottom ever since.

Bravo WikiLeaks.