Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Iraq According to Abbott: 2003-2014

Obama: "Aussies know how to fight and I like having them in a foxhole if we're in trouble."
Abbott: "We don't want to be in foxholes, full stop, but if we need to take shelter it's good to have Australians and Americans side by side." (Abbott, Obama unite to confront terror, David Crowe, The Australian, 14/6/14)


Tony Abbott, along with the rest of the Howard crew, put his hand up for attacking a country he probably couldn't have found on a map of the world.


When it became apparent that Pretext No.1 for this aggression - WMDs - was a lie, Abbott began mouthing a new set of talking points:

"By any standards, Saddam Hussein ran an evil regime. He had invaded his neighbours, used poison gas on his own people, funded terrorists and harboured Abu Nidal. As the secret burial grounds now reveal, he is the world's biggest mass murderer since Pol Pot (and who complained when the Vietnamese army removed him?). Weapons of mass destruction were never the only justification for Australia's participation in the Iraq war... and there's no reason to think that the Iraqi desert has yet yielded up all its secrets." (The Moral Case for the Howard Government, 23/6/04)


Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths later, Iraq in ruins, and the genie of sectarianism stalking a land contaminated by depleted uranium and God knows what else, he spun this crime against humanity as if it were a gift from the West to the Iraqi people:

"Saddam was always a much bigger threat to his immediate neighbours than he ever was to America or any of its allies apart from Israel. It was to liberate other people, to advance everyone's interests and to uphold universal values that the 'coalition of the willing' went to war in Iraq. If it's possible to engage in an altruistic war, this was it." (Battlelines, 2009, p 158)


Now the country that he'd concluded (in 2009) was no threat to the world (in 2003) he's describing as... a threat to the world:

"Should the control of [ISIS] be consolidated, we are faced with a situation of a terrorist state... Not only is it a humanitarian disaster for the people of those sections of Iraq, it is a security disaster for the Middle East and for the wider world." (Australian PM warns of 'terrorist state' if Iraq extremists consolidate, Bridie Jabour, theguardian.com, 16/6/14)


Anonymous said...

I am astounded by the hide and effrontery of the ms media in coverage of recent events in Iraq. However I am not surprised, given their long proven over the top bias to wall to wall Zionism.

The notion that "the neoconservatives FEAR the break up of Iraq into three states" is simply the opposite of the truth.

The telling document which is available on the net, 'A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties" by Oded Yinnon is required reading for these fakes and stooges.

This concept of "fears" has been prominent across a number of media outlets and repeated until the dumbed down population actually accepts it as truth.

There would be dancing in the streets of Tel Aviv if the break up of any Arab state was engineered.

The next step would be to pit them against each other, with a little help from their friends in the USA and of course the ms media, acting as cheerleaders.

Surely it is not so hard to simply report the truth?

MERC said...

Unfortunately, the only reason for the existence of this blog, is that, whether for reasons of cowardice, ignorance or racism, or a mix of all three, the ms media simply are not up to the task of informing the public what is really going on in the Middle East.