Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Oxymorons 101: Israeli Hummus

"Hummus is Arabic. PERIOD. Israelis have no real culture, no national food, nothing is authentically theirs, not even their land. Their solution to everything is to steal and claim it to be 'originally' theirs. So shameless." Comment by Lisa, 14/1/14, Hummus: is it Israeli or Arab? humus101.org

"Israel's biggest food and beverage company and the world's largest hummus manufacturer..."

The Middle East's Only Democracy. The Bulwark of Judeo-Christian Civilization against the Rising Tide of Muslim Barbarism. The Light Unto the Nations. And now... The World's Largest Hummus Manufacturer!

"... wants to expand its emerging dips and spreads business in Australia to capitalise on growing demand for its products. Strauss Group*, which in addition to dips and spreads owns the Strauss Coffee and Max Brenner Chocolate Bar brands, is also considering expanding its Strauss Water purification division into Australia after launching a joint venture in China. The company's chairwoman and one of Israel's most powerful women, Ofra Strauss, said the expansion of the group's dips and spreads business Australia would be spearheaded by Obela Australia, part of a global joint venture between Strauss and soft drinks giant Pepsico. Obela Australia was established 2 and a half years ago to market the Red Rock Deli brand of dips... Last year Obela launched its own range of hummus in Australia." (Israeli food mogul targets Australia, Damon Kitney, The Australian, 3/6/14)

[*See my 12/7/09 post How Sweet It Is.]

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