Monday, June 30, 2014

How Times Change

These days Murdoch's Australian has little appetite for Iraqi blood:

"With good reason, there is no appetite in Washington... for a return to boots on the ground in Iraq..." (Editorial, Jihad threat must be contained, The Australian, 28/6/14)

Back in 2003, however, the entire Murdoch pack were baying for it:

"What a guy! You have got to admit that Rupert Murdoch is one canny press tycoon because he has an unerring ability to choose editors across the world who think just like him. How else can we explain the extraordinary unity of thought in his newspaper empire about the need to make war on Iraq? After an exhaustive survey of the highest-selling and most influential papers across the world owned by Murdoch's News Corporation, it is clear that all are singing from the same hymn sheet. Some are bellicose baritone soloists who relish the fight. Some prefer a less strident, if more subtle, role in the chorus. But none, whether fortissimo or pianissimo, has dared to croon the anti-war tune. Their master's voice has never been questioned. (Speaking with their master's voice, Roy Greenslade, Guardian Weekly, 27/2/03)

How times change.

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Paul said...

Yinon Plan playing out. Murdoch will regain his stomach for other people's blood soon enough. This one needs to be sat out as the "Jihadists" are doing just what they are required to do.