Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Nothing to Worry About

There's a welter of items in the Australian press at the moment (most notably, of course, in the Murdoch press) about the government's response to the issue of Australian Muslims fighting with jihadist groups in Syria/Iraq.

The following letter, in The Australian Jewish News of June 27, suggests that some at least in the Jewish community understand that whatever the government is (or is intending to do) about Muslim ultras on the warpath might also have consequences for their Zionist counterparts:

"Recently, the media has been full of speculation over the Australian Muslims who have gone to Syria and Iraq to fight in the conflict there. There is talk that these individuals risk having their Australian citizenship revoked, thereby preventing their return to Australia. In the light of this I present the following theoretical (but highly possible) scenario. Suppose, in a future conflict, Israel finds itself in serious danger of annihilation. As in previous conflicts, Jewish volunteers from around the world (Australia included) rally to the call for help (mostly to replace Israelis in civilian roles, in order to free them up to join their armed force units). There would, in all probability, also be Australians with dual Israeli/Australian citizenship who would desire to join combat units. Do these Jewish volunteers potentially risk having their Australian citizenship revoked as well?" Dr Martin Jaffe, Caringbah, NSW

Frankly, I don't think Dr Jaffe has too much to worry about, do you?

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Anonymous said...

Frankly, I don't think Dr Jaffe has too much to worry about, do you?

no, no i dont.

but would they revoke raimond gaita's citizenship? he was there is support in 73.