Thursday, July 31, 2014

MERC's Dictionary of Ziospeak 6 & 7

murderous terrorist organisation that aspires to our destruction*: Palestinian resistance organisation

[*Netanyahu, quoted in PM defiant as Israel's toll rises, John Lyons, The Australian., 30/7/14]

errant militant shell (as in: "Israel claimed the [hospital] compound was also hit by an errant militant shell."*): an Israeli shell which kills Palestinian civilians but is in denial



Grappler said...

Notice how in the media, passive voices are used when Israeli is doing the damage, whereas the active voice is used for Hamas. It's never, "Israeli soldiers fired an artillery round at a UN School". Interestingly, even the BBC, is being tougher on Mark Regev than our silent friend James.

And great subtitles by Alex Nunn.

Anonymous said...

@passive voices

Strangely(?)enough, that was the Communist language. E.g.: "Comrades, mistakes have been made".