Friday, July 11, 2014

Has Christine Milne Been Rambammed?

"Australian Greens leader Senator Christine Milne has argued in Parliament that retaining Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act is essential to curb the activities of Holocaust deniers such as Fredrick Toben... In the Senate last week, Milne said... 'I have stood at the Dachau concentration camp. I have been to the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in Jerusalem'... Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) president Robert Goot said Milne's speech 'movingly articulated the importance of section 18C of the RDA'. He added that her trips to Yad Vashem and Dachau 'demonstrate her desire to understand the darkest chapter in human history'." (Toben 'deeply invested' in repeal of 18C: Milne, The Australian Jewish News, 27/6/14)


Anonymous said...

Your derisory attitude to the Holocaust is below contempt.

Over the years I have seen your attitudes slowly become more toxic.
Must be the frustration....but in truth by belittling the Holocaust you have dealt yourself out of the dialogue.

And MERC , since you purport to
know so much about the workings of others, perhaps one day you will have the fibre to deal within your own soul as to how youhave come to such a place.

The Jewish people--of which you have tried to extract yourself--will defend themselves again until infinite............and you can continue to blog yourself to exhaustion.

MERC said...

What poppycock!

Zionist exploitation of the Holocaust to deflect criticism of Israeli apartheid and war crimes is beneath contempt.

The use of Yad Vashem as part of a propaganda tour for politicians and journalists is beneath contempt.

Zionism's focus on Palestine at the expense of European Jewry in the 30s is beneath contempt.

Try reading my 5/3/13 post Was Israel Born of the Holocaust? 2, you ignoramus.

As for 'dialogue', don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining.

Anonymous said...

obvoiusly hit a raw nerve--as it should.

when you cannot argue, get personal and denigrate.


ps i am very happy to give my identity if you are.
why are you afraid?

Robbo said...

I guess we know who paid for Milne's
trips,and I bet she has never been to Gaza, or knows about the USS Liberty.

Anonymous said...

@Has Christine.....?

The question is not if she has, but when.

You can't say that the Zios don't speak their minds clearly and loudly (they would even say proudly). That's chutzbara. Don't say that you haven't been warned. Take cover!

MERC said...

Damn, this is what I get for letting a Ziotroll through the front door! Worse than a Mormon!

In the unlikely event, however, that you're just a simpleton, if, after thinking about the points I raised above (and reading the recommended post), you are able to sensibly rebut them, I may, repeat may, let you in.

If not, any comment you do make will simply be deleted.

MERC said...

Robbo, we should always keep an open mind re Ms Milne. She may well have gone there under her own steam, hence the question.

MERC said...

Re @Has Christine, I never just assume.

Kosta said...

What totalitarianism is it to perpetuate a particular historical view by force of law and threat of jail.
Are there any other historical views that are maintained in such a manner, apart from the Armenian [h]olocaust under French law?
Are Armenians granted the honour of a capitalised "H" too?

Totalitarians for sure..
" by belittling the Holocaust you have dealt yourself out of the dialogue."
Must be the threat which was made to Christine Milne too.

Mannie De Saxe said...

I often wonder why those who love apartheid Israel so much don't go and live there to defend their homeland against attacks from those pesky "AYRABS". I suppose they don't want to live in a country which would expose them to danger, so they stay in Australia because they won't have to go into the Israeli apartheid army and defend the indefensible.
Mannie De Saxe