Thursday, July 31, 2014

Moir: The Herald's Gift to Israel

Moir's cartoon in today's Sydney Morning Herald is an utter disgrace.

It incorporates the standard Zionist propaganda line about Palestinian 'militants' using civilians as human shields, with a Hamas fighter aiming an RPG from behind a baby carriage at an incoming missile fired from an Israeli helicopter. Both the Hamas fighter and the helicopter are screaming 'COWARD!' at each other. The piece is irrelevantly titled 'WINNING HEARTS AND MINDS'.

Moir's cartoon of July 16, where he had Israeli shells and Palestinian rockets criss-crossing the sky with each saying 'AN EYE FOR AN EYE', was almost as bad, misrepresenting Israel's latest genocidal rampage as some kind of biblical feud between equals.

Moir's faux balancing act betrays him for what he really is: just another ignorant, both-as-bad-as-each-other, hack at best, a clueless cog in Israel's propaganda mill at worst.

In case you think I'm being too harsh here, merely contemplate the bloody murder so graphically depicted in the half-page photograph of the Gaza holocaust on the front cover of today's Herald, and tell me if you see any balance there.

Those interested might like to read about Moir's pathetic grovel to the Israel lobby, which followed a comparison he drew back in 2003 between the Warsaw Ghetto and Israel's West Bank wall, cited in my 24/1/08 post We Remember Warsaw. It's been all down hill since then.

Thank God for Fairfax cartoonists Glen LeLievre and Michael Leunig.


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yo Merc,

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[over] compensation for the Glen Le Lievre cartoon.