Sunday, July 27, 2014

Gerard Henderson's Syrian Yardstick

Writing in The Australian of July 26, Fairfax>Murdoch pundit Gerard Henderson wrote of the carnage in Gaza:

"Reports indicate that about 650 Palestinians have died... in the current conflict. This is a serious death toll. Yet it is only a fraction of the dead in the civil war in Syria."

The war in Syria, an entirely unrelated issue to events in Gaza, is of course being used here to deflect attention from the enormity of Israel's crimes in Palestine.

To expose this typically Zionist of sleight of hand, I thought it might be interesting to apply what might be termed the Syrian yardstick to the two other reports of murder and mayhem that appear in the same edition. Just imagine Henderson coming out with these gems:

1) The murder of Allison Baden-Clay is a mere drop in the ocean compared to the mass murder in Syria. Why we're even reading about her case is a complete mystery to me.

2) Twenty-seven Australians lost their lives in the downing of a Malaysian Airlines plane over eastern Ukraine recently. What a yawn when you compare it to the death toll in Syria.

What a pain the man is.

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Anonymous said...

'Poor Gerard' is no rigorous scholar , but he does , without any give-away smirk ,quite boringly & predictably & indiscriminately, push the party line for which he is employed to push.
I admire that in a reliable default apologist .

7predictable & indiscriminately push the conclusions for which he is being employed to push .