Saturday, July 5, 2014

No Difference Between Blood & Blood?

"Violent clashes rocked Jerusalem yesterday following the discovery in a forest of the charred body of a 16-year-old Arab boy..." (Arab boy's murder unleashes fury, John Lyons, The Australian, 4/7/14)

His name: Mohammed Abu Khdeir.

"Naftali Fraenkel and Gilad Sha'er, both 16, and Eyal Yifrah, 19, were found on Monday dumped in a pit near Hebron in the West Bank after being kidnapped on June 12... The family of Naftali Fraenkel condemned Muhammed's murder. 'There is no difference between blood and blood,' Naftali's uncle, Yishai Fraenkel said." (ibid)

So there's no difference between Naftali's and Mohammed's blood? Really? Who is Yishai Fraenkel trying to fool?

The very reason - in fact, the only reason - the Fraenkels were able to move from Brooklyn to Occupied (River-to-Sea) Palestine so seamlessly is because Israel's blatantly apartheid Law of Return privileges their 'Jewish' blood over that of the non-Jewish Abu Khdeirs.

The fact that Mohammed was actually born in Palestine (as were his parents, and his grandparents, and his...) advantages him (and them) not a whit. Indeed, the Israeli government would have them all over the border in Jordan in an instant if it thought it could get away with it.

And it's all down, literally, to an accident of birth: none of them, you see, have Jewish mothers! So, no Jewish mothers... no 'Jewish' blood.

That precious commodity allows American Jews like the Fraenkels to move to, and settle just about anywhere in, Occupied (River-to-Sea) Palestine - as though it actually belonged to them!

Palestinian Arab blood, on the other hand, condemns folk like the Abu Khdeirs to all that living under the Israeli jackboot has to offer: humiliation, confinement, caging, detention, imprisonment, torture, dispossession, expulsion and... death.

'Jewish' blood means the Fraenkels have two homes, Occupied Palestine and the United States.

Arab blood means that the Abu Khdeirs can't even feel secure in their one, Palestinian home.

No, sorry, thanks to Zionist apartheid, there's a world of difference between blood and blood in Occupied (River-to Sea) Palestine.

(I am assuming, of course, that Yishai Fraenkel's statement is genuine. In a land where carefully crafted and targeted government PR, fed to a lazy, ignorant, and often partisan international media, tends to drown out the baying of settler mobs for Arab blood, one can never be certain.)  

"Mohammed's cousin, Majdi Abu Khdeir, said the kidnappers should suffer the same fate as the kidnappers of the three Jewish teenagers, whose houses in Hebron have been destroyed with explosives." (ibid)

The same fate, Majdi? Fat chance! As you know, equality's most emphatically not what Occupation and apartheid are all about.

Under Israeli apartheid, there's one law for you and yours - that of the jungle - and another for them and theirs.

Their murderers will, of course, never be found.

Incredibly, yours are 'known' and routinely dispatched, as often as not even before they strike.

But then, you'd know all about that.

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