Friday, July 18, 2014

You Can't Blame Israel

Did you know that the mounting death toll of Palestinian civilians in Gaza has nothing whatever to do with Israel?

That Israel is not in the least responsible for these deaths?

That Israel would never dream of targeting Palestinian civilians?

Just joking... of course you did!

But, just in case any of you may be harbouring - anti-Semitic? - doubts about the matter, there's always the lovely Judith Rona of Bondi to set you straight.

Just read these two sentences from her letter to the Australian of 16/7/14, and you're a believer:

"Hamas targets... its own civilians by using them as human shields."

"[Palestinian] civilians who choose to shield launch sites are directly participating in the hostilities. Their deaths are... self-inflicted."

So there you go.

You can blame Hamas.

You can blame Palestinian civilians.

But you sure-as-hell can't blame Israel, OK?

[For more Ms Rona, try my 14/6/10 post Who Done It?]


Anonymous said...

Only those who believe that they are "chosen" can gun down children playing on a beach and then have the hide to call it the right to defend itself.

The trouble is the servile politicians and media not just allow this obvious shit, they echo it.

Anonymous said...

If it's too much , Merc , leave it out .

Anonymous said...

When Israel says that Hamas is to blame for using its citizens as human shields, what that means is this: "We know there are civilians in that area" (how could there not be, given the size of Gaza), "we know there are children there, but we also think there are militants there so we'll bomb the shit out of them and we might get a few militants, and if we get a whole lot of women and children then we'll blame Hamas."