Thursday, July 10, 2014

Jake Lynch Update 11: VICTORY

A message from Jake:

"My lawyer and the lawyer for Shurat HaDin have agreed that the proceeding by Shurat HaDin be dismissed for lack of standing. And they have agreed for the court to make orders that Shurat HaDin pay my costs of the application for dismissal of the case, and my costs of the proceedings that are not otherwise subject to earlier cost orders.

"Judge Alan Robertson will make the orders in the Federal Court in Sydney, on Wednesday July 16th at 9.30am.

"This comprehensive legal victory represents complete vindication for the principled stance I have taken in fighting off a despicable attack on political freedom in Australia.

"It gives the green light for many more Australians to take their own action in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for rights and freedoms we are lucky enough to be able to take for granted.

"Shurat HaDin is a foreign agency, with admitted past links with the Israeli state, which wanted to use the Australian courts to stifle the growing movement of worldwide political activism for Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions.

"The case began with the smear that BDS advocates are motivated by racism. That was accepted by many of Australia's leading politicians, to their discredit, when they signed up to the so-called 'London Declaration on Combating Antisemitism'.*

"But the attempt to make it stick in court proved a bridge too far. Legal process requires evidence, and logical argument. Once exposed to that test, a claim that passed muster in the corridors of Canberra immediately began to crumble.

"I have faced claims that I should be held responsible for decisions by performing artists, such as Elvis Costello and Snoop Dogg, not to tour Israel. There was never a shred of proof to back up any of these allegations.

"On the narrower issue of the request that I received from Professor Dan Avnon to endorse his application for a Sir Zelman Cowan fellowship, Shurat HaDin managed to persuade neither Avnon himself, nor any other academic, to join their ill-conceived action.

"This week's renewed wave of indiscriminate Israeli violence against Palestinian civilians shows the urgency of taking political action to promote peace with justice. Israel will not change its routine recourse to militarism and lawlessness without coming under pressure.

"The disavowal by the Australian government of the international legal consensus on the occupation of Palestinian territory shows this pressure must come from civil society. That is the rationale for BDS, as a symbolic gesture of solidarity.

"This legal victory for me, and thousands of supporters who have stood by me and contributed to my cause, represents both an opportunity and a challenge. Someone has to make a change. If not us, who? If not now, when?

"The case has given rise to the creation of two important groups to take up this cause: Australians for BDS: And within the University of Sydney, Sydney Staff for BDS:

A message (LOL) from the head of Shurat HaDin, Nitsana Darshan-Litigator in yesterday's Australian:

"Professor Lynch was taking 'a cowardly approach' by 'trying to get the case dismissed on a technicality' rather than run 'a fair and public trial on the merits. He is running away from the fight like the Arabs ran from the battlefield in the Six-Day War'." ('No plaintiffs left' in case against Lynch, Ean Higgins, 9/7/14)

And, lest we forget Shurat HaDin accessory, Andrew Akiva Hamilton:

"A solicitor for Shurat HaDin, Andrew Hamilton, did not respond to requests for comment." (Israeli legal centre abandons lawsuit against Sydney academic, Michael Safi,, 10/7/14)

Roll on BDS!

[*See my 17/5/13 post The Tel Aviv Declaration on Combating Criticism of Israel.]


Anonymous said...

those words were unedifying by the mrs tel aviv lawyer

Anonymous said...

jake lynch is a racist antisemite by definition.

every other people on earh has a right of self determination, including a hodge podge of newly arrived arabs from the past 100 years, but not the jews.

oh no---never the jews.

well done racists!!

MERC said...

Baby steps...

Whose definition?

"People"? Jews are not a "people," but a faith community.

Faith communities do not have a right to self-determination, and even if, in some mad, sectarian, parallel universe, they did, the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine (whose ancestry goes back to the Canaanite era and who were living in Palestine at the time of Zionist settlement), those known today as the Palestinian people, would have a prior right to self-determination in their ancestral homeland.

Anonymous said...

your history is bunkum.

name me 2 historians with even a skeric of a reputation to back you up.

they do not exist.

todays palestinians are to some degrees jews who were forced to convert on pain of death around 700ad.

dna and geotype matching proves that.

the rest have all recently immigrated from egypt, syria, and saudi arabia.

go back and match surnames with tribal entities and their geography if you dare to live with the results.

as for jews only a faith--u r 50% correct.

but they were and their core still remains a genotypically correlatable people.

merc u r wrong again---twice!!

want to stay hidden do u?

Anonymous said...

Oh how they shriek when they are not getting what they want .3445

MERC said...

Re bunkum,

You can see here the European Zionist colon's (or supporter of same) desperate attempt to convince himself that he has some kind of tangible, physical connection to Palestine.

The reference to DNA (which has no relevance whatever to this settler-colonial issue) is an unfailing sign that he's run out of arguments.

I might do a post on this nonsense sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Jake Lynch, you have punctured the tired old song and dance routine with your withering review of their performances.

"The Ashkanazis", worlds best Semitic impersonators.

However in the best music hall tradition,
on with the show, bring on the dancing girls and the chorus. Strike up the violins.

But where is the guest performer for the next little act, the great illusionist, Mark Regev?

Break a leg!