Saturday, June 28, 2014

They Can't Get No Satisfaction

Fair dinkum, there's just no satisfying the Israelis.

Back in 2002:

"Israel urged the United States... to press ahead with a military offensive against Iraq, arguing that any delay would give Saddam Hussein more time to develop weapons of mass destruction." (Sharon urges America to bring down Saddam, Anton La Guardia,, 17/8/02)

Here it is 2014, and:

"Israel's ambassador to Australia, Shmuel Ben-Shmuel... said the 'disintegration' of Iraq and Syria - regardless of whether Iranian-backed Shiites or al-Qa'ida-inspired Sunni Muslims emerged more powerful - would pose a threat to Israel and the Jewish people." (Fear Iraq-Syria focus 'to turn West', Paul Maley & Mark Schliebs, The Australian, 27/6/14)

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