Sunday, June 1, 2014

Jake Lynch Update 9

According to the Murdoch press, the head of the National Tertiary Education Union, Grahame McCulloch "will intervene to try to stop its Sydney University branch from moving towards a boycott of Israel*... In an email to members issued yesterday, he said the branch 'has been caught in a destructive and confusing debate about the Middle East conflict'." (Union bid to end war over BDS, Ean Higgins, The Australian, 31/5/14)

Hello? A member of the Sydney University branch of the NTEU, Professor Jake Lynch, has been dragged before an Australian court by Israeli lawfare** outfit, Shurat HaDin, over his principled opposition to links with Israeli universities, his branch rallies to his defence with a resolution to widen said opposition, and this is deemed "destructive and confusing" by the union's general secretary?

This is most puzzling, coming from the leader of a union dedicated to, among other things, "intellectual freedom." (See Policy Advocacy,

Even more puzzling is why there is no mention of, let alone expression of support for, Professor Lynch, on the NTEU's website.

[*See my JL Updates 6 & 7; **Shurat HaDin's motto is: Bankrupting terrorism one lawsuit at a time.]

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Anonymous said...

The NTEU, the universities, the politicians and everyone associated, even tenuously, with the above would right now be coming under the usual barrage of bully boy pressure, day and night
The well oiled, well financed and well practiced Zionist machine would have swung into action at the first sign of dissent. The pressure only increases.

The largely untold story [although covered by this site] of The Greens, Marrickville Council, BDS and the Zionist dirty tricks campaign, serves as a classic example. Many of the tactics deployed are unashamedly criminal.

I am aware of one ordinary and obscure individual from the suburbs who came under an organized Zionist barrage for merely having one mildly critical,but well written, letter published in the media.

This predictable, dirty and unpleasant pattern, passed off as legitimate political lobbying and ignored by the media, is the real news story.

It is time the victims of organized Zionist intimidation climbed out from hiding and shouted the truth from the rooftops.