Saturday, January 17, 2015

Australia's Answer to Winston Churchill

The world is teetering on the brink of Islamogeddon. Assailed by the Muslim hordes. Desperate for real leadership. Where, I hear you ask, is the mighty Winston when we need him?

Fear no more. One such has arisen - here in Australia!

Tony Abbott? No way!

Check out Col of Port Macquarie as he holds forth from a barstool in his fave pub:

"We in free democracies need much more urgent action than mega street rallies against an Islamic minority of extremists. They are now emboldened by our weak response to their atrocities and provocations. We need a collective response from free nations to swat these extremists - immediately. A multinational force in overwhelming numbers in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and northern Africa needs to be deployed, now. Yes, there will be many deaths and injuries, but that is the price for defending democracy, our freedoms, and our system of justice. The forces of evil have surfaced many times in the history of mankind, notably when Adolf Hitler annexed much of Europe before the forces of good took action. We must never let evil prevail. It's now time for leaders of free nations to 'man up'. (Letter, Colin, Daily Telegraph, 15/1/15)


patrick connor said...

I'll bet he was grasping a lapel of his jacket whilst writing that collectable gem .

Anonymous said...

Was THAT Col Pot?