Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Money Mountain That Gave Birth to a Shithouse Rat

Remember the mountain that labored long and hard - only to give birth to a mouse?

A near perfect metaphor for Australia's $40 million effort, under Krudd, to buy a seat on the United Nations Security Council.

And when, in late 2012, it was finally in the bag, do you remember Krudd's successor, Gillard, droning on about Australia finally securing "its own voice, an Australian voice, in the main decision-making bodies of the world"?

I said near perfect metaphor for a reason, because Australia has just given birth not to a mouse, but to the proverbial shithouse rat, voting with the US against the adoption of a resolution to merely set a date for the end of the 47-year Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories on the grounds - wait for it - that it lacked "balance" and sought to "impose a solution put forward by one party alone."

There you go, folks, $40m of your hard-earned $$$ just to keep Israel in the manner to which it's become accustomed.


Anonymous said...

Imagine if the boot was on the other foot and the Palestinians had traveled from around the world to impose and set upon the poor Jewish 'natives' of Palestine, opressing them and stealing their homes.

Methinks Australia would have a different view.

Grappler said...

Rudd was probably the least Zionist of last four prime ministers. I think he genuinely tried to set a more "balanced" course during his first term but the "faceless men" got him.

I've looked at the ABC website for reporting of the fact that Australia was the only member of UNSC to vote against the Palestinian resolution without success. Did ABC report it?

Australia certainly went out on a low after its two years on UNSC. On this basis it will be a long time before it is chosen again.

Grappler said...

I meant the only member of the UNSC apart from, of course, the US.

patrick connor said...

Merc , your scatalogical theme fits the results of that abortive UN performance very nicely .
But that theme also fits the CAUSES of those results just as well ie. the sewer-dwelling moral bankrupts - Middle East Butchering Inc and the United Station Torturing Institute -
ably assisted by many many grovelling & pimping Australian politicians , busily feathering their own career nest by obeying the friendless & evil US & Israel .
This lot can't tell right from wrong.
Their sense of Decency is , as you have observed , nothing more or less than shit house .

patrick connor said...

Grappler .
I agree . Rudd had a conscience of sorts , but it was subject to his vain emotions .
And he had very poor judgement .

Vacy Vlazna said...

Rudd was a Bonhoeffer hypocrite .To the massive bombardment of Israel’s arsenal of Depleted Uranium, Dense Inert Metal Explosives, White Phosphorous, Anti-Personnel/Anti-Materiel Tank Rounds, Fuel Air Explosives, Anti-Door Short-Range Anti-Armor Weapon, Spike Multi-Purpose Anti-Armor Missile, GBU-28s bunker buster bombs, GBU-39s GPS guided munitions, “M433 40mmhigh explosive, dual-purpose (HEDP) cartridges and M889A1 81 mm high explosive cartridges, but U.S. provisions have also included M107 155 mm high explosive artillery rounds, M141 83 mm bunker defeat munitions, and M930 120 mm illuminating cartridges. The HEDP, M889A1, and M107 have armour-piercing capability effective against vehicles or buildings, but all are specifically designed or (in the case of the HEDP) modified to be antipersonnel fragmentation devices as well. The M107 is designed to spray some 2,000 pieces of shrapnel. The M141 is designed to breach walls. ” All fired by F16s, Helicopters, UAVs or Drones, Armoured tanks, Caterpillar Armored D9 Bulldozers, Naval war ships and IOF forces including Max Brenner’s proud Golani and Givati brigades ..

Rudd and his government were as silent as the professed-Christian incumbent President Bush and the professed-Christian President-elect, Obama.