Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Janet de'Arc

And now for a word from Janet Albrechtsen (rambammed: 2008):

"We cannot wait for imams to lead this debate. So what of our own leaders...? As David Harris, executive director of the American Jewish Committee, a global advocacy organisation, told me last year during a wide-ranging discussion about Islamic terrorism, 'Every generation needs a Winston Churchill - a leader who sees events with absolute clarity and courage, who spots the seemingly disparate pieces and the links among them, and who mobilises the tools of language to awaken an often sleeping world and rouse it to resolute action." (Debate Islam's place in the West now, The Australian, 21/1/15)

But Janet, we already have this generations's Winston Churchill. Name's Col. Lives in Port Macquarie. In case you haven't noticed, see my 17/1/15 post Australia's Answer to Winston Churchill.

But here's the thing, while it may have been good enough back in 39-45 to make do with just a Winston Churchill, surely we've moved on since then?

I mean, we have male and female newsreaders, don't we? So why not male and female worldleaders? Shouldn't Col of Port Macquarie be accompanied by a woman of like calibre, this generation's Jeanne d'Arc?

Janet, isn't it time you stopped talking the talk and started walking the walk?


Anonymous said...

Forget Col Pot of Port Macquarie, I have a better idea.

O.K. so we need a leader, according to David Harris and Janet Albrechtsen;

"who sees events with ABSOLUTE CLARITY and courage, who spots the SEEMINGLY DISPARATE PIECES and the LINKS among them, and who mobilises the tools of language to awaken.... bla bla bla."

Sometimes one can't see the blindingly obvious. Look no further than these pages. The clear candidate, the one who ticks all the above qualifications is, drum roll, wait for it, none other than MERC.

Anonymous said...

Col Pot of Port Macquarie might not be quite up to Prime Ministerial standard, to say the least, but he would make a mighty fine News Limited Op-Ed writer.